About us

Building on 60 years of trailer excellence.

With over 60 years’ experience of building Warwick Trailers we’ve gained a rich heritage which has enabled us to become the experts we are today. Owned by Ktwo, we are a fast-growing business and proud to offer high quality agricultural trailers and muck spreaders worldwide.

Our innovative approach to production techniques, combining the latest 3D computer aided design technology with sound engineering experience, means that the Warwick Trailer range is one of the best available today.

Company history

Warwick Trailers started trading during the 1950’s and, after over 60 years in business, has become one of the most established and trusted in the agricultural industry.

The purchase of Warwick Trailers by Ktwo in 2019 was a key milestone in our history, building on the Warwick Trailer brand and helping to significantly grow the business.

We’re extremely proud of our rich heritage, and the fact that we are continuing to grow our business with our recent move to much larger premises, investment in the very best equipment and building on our workforce.