Warwick Trailers at LAMMA24: Introducing the New Eco Spreader

Following an exhilarating showcase at LAMMA24, Warwick Trailers, a proud part of the Ktwo family, is riding a wave of positive feedback and excitement. This event marked a significant milestone for us, highlighting our commitment to evolving in response to our customers’ needs and further strengthening our dedicated dealership network. Among the stars of the show was our latest introduction to the Warwick Trailers range – the Eco muck spreader.

A New Era for Warwick Trailers

The LAMMA24 event was more than just a showcase; it was the relaunch of the Warwick Trailers brand. We proudly unveiled the Eco spreader, an addition that signifies the first spreader for the Warwick Trailer brand, having transitioned from the Ktwo range. This strategic move aligns with our focus on catering to the specific needs of smaller scale farmers without compromising on quality.

Quality and Precision in Design

In keeping with Ktwo’s legacy of excellence, the Warwick Trailers range, with the Eco spreader as its latest addition, embodies high-quality finishes and robust design. These characteristics are essential, not just for the visual appeal, but for ensuring durability, efficiency, and ease of use. We understand that our customers require equipment that performs reliably and stands the test of time.

The Eco Spreader: A Highlight at LAMMA24

The Eco was a standout at LAMMA24, capturing the attention of farmers and contractors alike. Designed for those who require a lighter duty manure spreader, the Eco range is nonetheless capable of handling a variety of spreading tasks with impressive accuracy and efficiency. Available in capacities ranging from 5 to 7.5 tonnes (7.8 to 10.8 m³), the Eco spreader offers flexibility to suit different operational scales and requirements. This adaptability is further enhanced by a selection of optional extras, allowing users to tailor the Eco spreader to their specific needs. Whether it’s for smaller farms or for contractors seeking a robust yet manageable solution, the Eco range provides an optimal balance of performance and practicality.

Strengthening Our Dealership Network

A crucial aspect of our participation in LAMMA24 was to reinforce our commitment to our dealership network. We recognise the vital role our dealers play in connecting us with the farming community. The Warwick Trailers relaunch is not just about introducing new products; it’s equally about enhancing the support and value we provide to our dealers.

The positive reception at LAMMA24 has set the stage for the future of Warwick Trailers. We remain dedicated to listening to our customers and adapting our range to meet their evolving needs. This event has reaffirmed our belief in the potential and bright future of Warwick Trailers in serving the agricultural community alongside Ktwo.

The Warwick Trailers showcase at LAMMA24 was a resounding success, marking a new chapter in our journey. The introduction of the Eco spreader and our ongoing support for our dealership network are testaments to our dedication to excellence in the agricultural trailer and spreader industry. We thank everyone who joined us at LAMMA24 and invite those who missed the show to get in touch should they have any questions about the new range.