Drop Deck Low Loader

Drop Deck Low Loader Range

Previously known as a Groundhog, our Drop Deck Low Loader is deigned to allow machinery and loads to be loaded with ease as the trailer body lowers to the ground. We have two models available with a carry capacity of 7 or 10 tonnes.

7 tonne

  • 7,000 kg rated carrying capacity
  • 4.88m (16′ ft) load bed length
  • 10 stud axles

10 tonne

  • 10,000 kg rated carrying capacity
  • 5.48m (18′ ft) load bed length
  • Commercial 10 stud axles

Standard specifications

Ancillary Equipment

  • LED road lighting and beacon for maximum visibility
  • Loading ramps included
  • 385/65 R22.5 tyres as standard


  • Heavy duty chassis
  • Running gear optimally positioned to aid manoeuvrability


  • Bed is raised and lowered using the tractor hydraulics and two large rams at the rear of the trailer
  • Chequer plate floor or optional Hardwood floor upgrade

Running Gear

  • 10 stud axles
  • Low ride height to maximise stability


  • High Specification manufacture in modern factory facilities
  • 3D design package used to ensure consistent product quality
  • Shot blasted paint preparation, finished with two pack undercoat and a two-pack topcoat paint